We have just published our outreach article in the leading science communication publication, Scientia

Proctor SD, Lopez YS.  A Novel Antibody with Vaccine-like Properties to Treat Heart Disease in Diabetes. Scientia.  February 2021

“Patients with diabetes mellitus face an increased risk of developing heart disease. The high levels of sugars, lipid and cholesterol associated with diabetes cause thickening of the blood vessels, increasing the incidence of coronary heart disease and stroke. The pioneering team from the Centre of Molecular Immunology, Cuba, in collaboration with Dr Spencer Proctor from the University of Alberta in Canada are testing an antibody that targets the walls of the blood vessels, preventing the binding and accumulation of cholesterol.”


HTML: https://www.scientia.global/dr-spencer-proctor-a-novel-antibody-with-vaccine-like-properties-to-treat-heart-disease-in-diabetes/

Webpage PDF: https://www.scientia.global/wp-content/uploads/Spencer_Proctor/Proctor.pdf

DOI: https://doi.org/10.33548/SCIENTIA648

PDF: Scientia Article